Nike BR-04 Ansonia

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On July 8, 1955 the U.S. Army announced on  that they would be acquiring several parcels of land for a Nike Ajax missile installation in Ansonia, CT.
The bases were operational from 1957 thru June, 1971
The types of missiles at the base included both Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules.  Nike 3B/18H, 30A/12L-U.

The IFC radar site was at 119-1/2 Ford St. The site is currently used by the U.S. Forest Service and some of the original buildings are still standing.

The launch battery was at Osborne Ln & Deerfield, currently a farm.

Ansonia Evening Sentinel, November 25 ,1963 (1)

1963 Battery Roster

Ansonia IFC radar and control site, 1964.

Ansonia launching area, 1964.

Tracking radar.

HiPar Radar

HiPar Radar Shack


Ansonia I.F.C. site visit, December, 2010

Entrance to access road to former IFC site.

Access road.
The Forest Service currently occupies the former Ansonia I.F.C. on Ford St.

Ansonia battery.

Security fencing.

The foundation of the guard shack.

A private farm occupies the launch site.

One of the original launch site buildings.

Photo of the Ansonia IFC radar site.

Contemporary image of the Ansonia IFC, upper right.  Probably around 2010.  The forner Nike site buildings can be seen in the upper right of this photo.
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