ATT Blackstone, MA

295 Mendon St, Blackstone, MA


The Blackstone, MA ATT facility is an underground complex originally built in 1966. It was an underground terminal and repeater station for the hardened analog L4 carrier cable (coax) that went from Miami to New England carrying general toll circuits and critical military communication circuits. It reportedly housed an AUTOVON 4-wire switch as part of the switching fabric of that critical global military communications network. Blackstone also connected via terrestrial microwave to AT&T Peru, MA and perhaps to Chesterfield and The Notch in Hadley and linked to many other sites including paths to Westover AFB and to Green Hill, RI to meet a transatlantic cable to Europe.

The ATT facility description from 1966:
     The Blackstone central office is a two-story underground, hardened building owned by Lone Lines.
     This office is manned 24 hours daily.  The Plant Manager has a staff comprising four Plant Supervisors and eighteen Craftsmen.
      Blackstone serves as a metropolitan junction station and as a junction point and Powercenter for 20L4 coaxial cable on The Boston-Miami route.  It might also have an #1 ESS Machine on The Autovon Network.


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