Torrington Company

State: Connecticut     Location: Torrington
Time Period: 1951-1953   
Facility Type:   Atomic Weapons Employer   

Facility Description: The Torrington Company performed small-scale swaging experiments on uranium rods in the early 1950s. Torrington conducted this work for two companies: the Bridgeport Brass Company and American Machine and Foundry.

TIME PERIOD: 1951-1953


The Torrington Co. performed small-scale swaging experiments on uranium rods in 1951, 1952, and 1953. In each of the tests, only small quantities of uranium were used in each of the three identified tests.

Given the short duration of the testing, and the limited use of uranium, it is not likely that significant contamination existed at the facility beyond the dates identified on the DOE Worker

Advocacy Website.

A FUSRAP determination made in 1987, recommended elimination from the process, based on the limited quantity of material and low potential for radioactive contamination.

There was limited radioactive material use, and the resultant tests only lasted a few days. While there is no documentation containing the results of radiological surveys, little potential exists for radioactive contamination resulting from the limited use of radioactive material used at the site beyond the period in which weapons

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