Plum Island

Plum Island, off the NE fork at the east end of Long Island, has been the home of a secure US Government disease laboratory for decades. Photos were few and far for years.  It is's policy to limit photos of currently active facilities to those released publically but when the US Government recently advertised the entire island for sale they released the photographs below.

Aerial view looking east at the current
main laboratory building.

Lower: Signs along the coast warn curious
boaters that landing is not allowed!

Lighthouse on west end.

One of several power generators.

Old Fort Terry Military Housing (date unknown).

The D.H.S. had the island up for sale for a short time in 2010.  Current status

Docks (above) and sewage lagoon.

The images below are of the original bio-lab on the island, "Lab 257" which was replaced by the more modern and much larger facility on the SW shore.

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