Stonybrook WSA

Adjacent to Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, MA was the Stonybrook nuclear weapons storage area.  The Air Force stopped using the area decades ago and the land is now used for such things as a prison and a power plant.

Three  fences were used at the Stonybrook Weapons Storage Area as part of the security procedures and systems to protect the weapons.  Note that the middle fence is mounted on large insulators.  This is because it is electrified with a lethal charge of electricity!  The middle fence is also mounded on a concrete wall that extends many feet underground to prevent people from tunneling underneath.  The outer fences contained proximity or shake detectors and the entire area was well illuminated at night.  Add to that guards in towers, vicious attack dogs  and roving patrols backed up by a large, well armed "ready force" and it was unlikely anyone could successfully penetrate the storage area.

Straddle Carrier used to transport nuclear weapons.
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