Nike BR-73 Westport

"No Matter What Tomorrow Brings, Nike is Ready"

If you were stationed at this Nike site, or any of the nearby sites in CT or MA, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us at

This site was operational from 1956 - 1963.
Nike Ajax missiles were at this site: Nike 1B, 2C/30A/12L-A.

The Integrated Fire Control (IFC) site was near the Merritt Parkway at Bayberry Lane, and is currently used by the Westport Astronomical Soc.

The launch site was at 85 North Avenue.

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Pictures of a 2015 visit to the former Nike IFC (radar) site
on Bayberry Ln in Westport.

Above:  The foundation of the guard shack is still visible at the entrance to the former Nike site.

Some of the original Nike base building are still in use.  This one by the local health authority.

One of the original radar pedestals can be seen inside this metal covering. 
These pedestals were extremely well build and proved very difficult to remove
so many remain at former Nike sites.  They were used to support radar tracking
antennas above the tree line.

Another radar pedestal is used by the local astronomy society and provides
 what we assume is a very stable support for their telescopes.

Typicial Nike Facilities (not Westport)

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