Fenn Machinery

Fenn Manufacturing Co.
State: Connecticut     Location: Hartford
Time Period: 1950   
Facility Type:   Atomic Weapons Employer   

Facility Description: Fenn conducted swaging tests on uranium rods to determine if the process could be used to produce properly shaped rods for Hanford’s production reactors. Two tests, each lasting less than one day, were conducted in June 1950.


Fenn Machinery Co. conducted tests to explore the feasability of swaging uranium rods to finish size for use in Hanford’s reactor. Records indicate two tests with the possibility of a third test, conducted during the month of June 1950. The tests probably took less than one day each to complete. The test consisted of swaging approximately 15 rods out to 4-foot lengths. Material was handled under MED/AEC with air sampling being conducted during two tests.

Although there was no documentation indicating decontamination, there was documentation indicating air monitoring during the test. Records indicate little likelihood of contamination after test.

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