Westover AFB

Westover it still an active military base so we will only provide information on those portions of the facility that are abandoned or not longer used for military purposes such as the former Stonybrook nuclear weapons storage area.

There is an excellent website on "Westover, Yesterday and Today":

Stonybrook Links:

Also see our page on this site "The Notch", the former Westover Communications Annex in Hadley, MA. 

Other Notch Links: 

Pillboxes such as this one (below) were manned by soldiers with machine guys when nuclear weapons were being worked on/transported.  Access to the bunker was via underground tunnel.

The images below are not all from Westover/Stonybrook but they are representative of the type of security used by weapons storage areas.

This type of fencing was used at USAF Weapons Storage

Security pill-box, typical.

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