Fallout Shelters

In the early sixties the federal government determined that existing mines and caves might provide protection for significant numbers of the population. A national survey was undertaken and several locations in Southern New England were identified:


Location 1:
Litchfield County
Mine, 1 mi N of Roxbury Stn, 180 spaces.

Above, 2014 images of the Roxbury Station mine. Photos courtesy of Eddie Aldrich. 

Location 2:
Mine, Sand Road, Canaan, 62 spaces.

Location 3:
Mine, Prospect Mtn, Bantam, occupancy not specified

Above, 2014 images of the Prospect Mountain mine.  Photos courtesy of Eddie Aldrich. 


13L1 Hampden County
0002 Abandoned Emery Mines, Chester.  1180 spaces.

1965 Office of Civil Defense study on the use of mines and tunnels as shelters:

Source: survival/states/ct.htm


This depicts a collapsible, bicycle-powered
shelter ventilation system.



The new Windam High School, built in March, 1965, reflected the international political climate.  The High School's proposed gymnasium had fewer windows, and concrete was preferred to steel in its overall construction. It was designed to double as a Civil Defense fallout shelter for the town.
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