Sperry Products, Inc.

Also Known As: PCC Technical Industries
Danbury, Connecticut    
Time Period: 1952-1953   
Facility Type:   Atomic Weapons Employer   

 In 1952 and 1953, Sperry developed processes for testing and examining uranium plates for the Sylvania Corp., a major AEC contractor.

ALSO KNOWN AS: PCC Technical Industries

TIME PERIOD: 1952-1953


Sperry Products developed a process for performing non-destructive testing and examination of uranium plates for the Sylvania Corp. Based on documentation provided, the testing involved ultrasound of uranium plates. As much as 70 kg of uranium may have been processed through the facility between 1952 and 1953.

Given the nature of the work and the limited quantity of material used at the facility, there is little likelihood for residual radioactive contamination and subsequent employee exposure.

Documentation exists supporting that there was only a small quantity of material processed.

While there is no documentation containing the results of radiological surveys, little potential exists for radioactive contamination resulting from AEC/DOE testing beyond the time period in which weapons-related production occurred

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