Htfd Public High School


Excerpt from the document "Incorportation of Shelters Into Schools",  December 1962 by the  Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense "Hartford Public High School is an excellent example of a dual purpose fallout shelter in an auxiliary school space.  Sheltered areas in the basement include the Cafeteria, Kitchen, Food Storage, Toilets and other adjacent spaces.  The character of these spaces is such that they are easily adapted to various group activities under shelter conditions. "Features of the design include baffle type stairwells, remote fresh air intakes, air filters, an emergency engine-generator, a well storage tank, incinerators and a 15 inch concrete slab over the entire shelter area.  Shelter below grade
has thus been provided for 2500 persons at an additional cost of $139,210 or about $55.70 per person sheltered."        
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