DOE Site List

The Department of Energy has identified the following locations as potentially being involved with nuclear materials relating to the Cold War effort.

American Chain and Cable Co., Bridgeport, AWE

Anaconda Co., Waterbury, AWE

Bridgeport Brass Co., Havens Lab, Bridgeport, AWE

Combustion Engineering, Windsor, AWE/DOE

CT Aircraft Nuclear Engine Lab (CANEL), Middletown, BE/DOE

Dorr Corp., Stamford, AWE

Fenn Machinery Co., Hartford, AWE

New England Lime Co., Canaan, AWE

Seymour Specialty Wire, Seymour, AWE/DOE

Sperry Products, Inc., Danbury, AWE

Torrington Co., Torrington, AWE



Metals Selling, Putnam
New England Lime, Canaan
Olin Matheson, New Haven
Anaconda, Waterbury
Seymour Specialty wire
Combustion Engineering, Windsor
Pratt & Whitney CANEL Facility, Middletown
Yale Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator
Bridgeport Brass Havens Lab
Sperry Products, Bran bury
New Canaan
Nelco Metals, Canaan
Fenn Machinery, Hartford
Wesleyan University, Middletown
American Cyanamid, Stamford
Dorr, Stamford
American Chain and Cable, Bridgeport

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